tap dancing

I know some people say that tap is a little difficult to keep up with, which it can be if it’s your first time. But I have taken tap for maybe 4 years and it just flows. I enjoy it because not only does it make you think, while your moving, but once you get all the steps together with practice, you accomplish a move and it feels amazing. Its also good when you go to classes for tap on different levels and meet all these people. You have things in common and I think going to classes helps you grow. Even if your really good, you still learn and get to teach others. To me, I break tap dancing into small goals and
when I accomplish one, I move up. Ive
done beginner and intermediate classes, but now I’m at advanced. My next goal is to get really good at the advanced stage and eventually get to Irish dancing. I’ve loved watching it when it would come on when I was little. I would watch the feet then try to copy them. I did pretty good for five years old, but that is one of things I’m passionate about. I’ll talk about other things I love later in the week. In the meantime, comment about what you think, and tell me about some things you love or what your talents are, I’d love to hear what some of your hobbies are


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