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If Our Pets Could Talk

can you imagine what would happen if our pets could talk? I think it would be like Shrek where donkey is just babbling away. If we could understand them, they would tell us how they feel about certain things we do, like our baby talk. They would probably also tell us things they don’t like us doing, like when we pick out these crazy outfits for them to wear for every occasion, or when we put them up in the air like a baby, or put them in our purse. Some dogs might enjoy the attention, others might think it weird. And they would probably tell us that they don’t need to be overly pampered. I’ve heard of some people that take them to spas to get their hair and nails done. I understand if its for a dog show or if you take them to the groomers, but taking them to spas when you go and get a Mani pedi is a little extreme. Anyway i also think if they could talk that we could have  conversations with them and they would talk back to and tell us how there day was on a day to day basis. They’d probably tell us if they were sad and what we could do to make them happy. Overall, i think it be a different world if  all dogs talked.